Word of Faith Bible School

Word of Faith Bible School is an online, accredited program that provides instruction in principles of faith/biblical studies, as well as training for domestic and/or international ministry. Students can watch classes at home and then meet in-person for monthly discussion groups.


Tuition for 1 year is $175/module (at part-time status) plus the book fees. Audit tuition price (no exams taken) is $100/module, plus book fees (optional). Tuition must be paid prior to the start of school.


Please contact the church office with questions or for an application: office@nbclife.org
Download: Student Application (DOC)

Level One

Level One (Modules 1-3) consists of courses such as Biblical Faith, How to Study and Interpret the Bible, and New Testament Survey, which are designed to build a foundation of the Word of God in the heart and life of your students. The courses challenge and compel them to become all that God has called them to be.

Level Two

Level Two (Modules 4-6) is designed for those who are called in to full time, five-fold ministry. Ministers will be established in a firm foundation and receive the Bible basics of qualifications for ministry through courses such as Bibliology, Five Fold Ministry Gifts, and Marriage and Ministry.

AFCM International Training Center

President & Founder

Dr. Jim Kaseman is Founder and President of the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers (AFCM). He is a graduate of the charter class of Rhema Bible Training Center and holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the School of Bible Theology. Jim and Kathleen Kaseman founded AFCMITC with the vision to train believers for the purpose of taking the word of faith to the nations.


The Education Team consists of a variety of AFCM ministers with a broad level of experience whose purpose is to create education goals and objectives for ITC, review current curriculum and oversee the development and refinement of materials taught in the ITC, and facilitate the growth and management of ITC.


It is the responsibility of the local church to disciple believers and train future leaders, thus expanding its influence. It is the desire of AFCMITC to assist our churches in this endeavor and fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.


Instructors include experienced ministers of the gospel who are practicing pastors, missionaries, and itinerant ministers.

Hosted Schools

AFCMITC courses are designed to build a Biblical foundation and provide a disciplined structure to rightly dividing the Word of God. Students will receive instruction in principles of faith/biblical studies, as well as training for five-fold ministry. AFCMITC is presented in about 57 courses packaged in six modules.
   After the completion of Level One (Modules 1-3), students will receive a diploma. Level One must be completed before enrolling in Level Two.
   After the completion of Level Two, students will receive a second diploma and may be eligible for licensing through
AFCM, provided they meet all of the necessary requirements.


“The Bible School has changed our church and is one of the most efective courses in equipping the saints for service.” – Canada



Transworld Accrediting Commission International

For nearly 30 years, Transworld Accrediting Commission is an international, non-governmental, educational accrediting body, federally recognized as a non-profit church organization. Transworld has established high standards of excellence and shared Biblical Doctrine. Transworld accredits and assists Theological Schools, Seminaries, Universities, Colleges and Programs throughout the World. On Campus, Online and Distance Learning.
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