Students are all about fun. It’s their occupation in life. They’re fully committed to it and will work hard to accomplish it daily. If they aren’t having fun somewhere, then they move on to something or someone else that does have it. It’s the secret sauce that makes it possible to win their hearts in ministry. Our goal at New Beginnings is to have fun while learning about God. This is at the core of everything that we do in Student Ministry. So come have fun with us!

Sunlight Pals

0-35 Months
SunLight Pals is a whole nursery and early preschool program designed to move beyond babysitting to intentional learning about God. Basic Bible stories and biblical concepts are taught through the use of visual materials, repetition, play, and example.

Kingdom Tots

3-6 Years
Kingdom Tots is a class for preschoolers, presenting the truth of the Bible through storytelling, hands-on activities, crafts, music, and more. The lessons are designed to guide children toward the lifestyle and purpose of God’s Kingdom.

Kids Church & Sidero Youth Group

7-12 Years/ 13+ Years

This combined class features engaging lessons, supplemented with a variety of games and activities, crafts, prize store, and unique special events. This class helps students learn the principles of the Bible in a fun and exciting way, while providing leadership opportunities and a safe place to make friends and experience a relationship with Jesus.